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Strategic remuneration
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Mergers & Acquisitions (Transaction Execution)




Too many private business owners spend too much time in their business and not enough time on let alone thinking beyond their business.

The implication being, the business is overly reliant on the business owner, such that when it comes time to sell, the owner is so entwined in the business that the value of the business without the owner is materially impacted. Business owners need to ensure that their businesses are optimally positioned, so that when they do decide to sell, or have to sell, they can maximise the value.


business strategy
and sales readiness

Corvara Capital Consulting has developed a framework for working with business owners to improve business performance, whether the company is experiencing rapid growth or operating in a limited growth environment.

We work with owners of private businesses to instill discipline and structure across all facets of the business. This is achieved through adopting our Start Your Earn-Out Now process. www.startyourearnoutnow.com


strategic renumeration
and incentive design

Integral to any successful company is the way in which it remunerates and rewards its employees. Strategic remuneration relates to developing a pay and rewards environment that aligns itself to the goals and aspirations of the business. The intention being, that if staff perform and achieve their expected level of performance, the business will also achieve its goals.

More specifically this relates to the strategic alignment of business goals with those of the staff.

We are passionate about getting remuneration right and most importantly getting remuneration aligned to business goals and aspirations.


mergers and acquisitions 
(transaction execution)

Corvara Capital Consulting is experienced in providing advice and executing on business acquisitions, mergers and divestments. It is able  to manage the entire process, ranging from identifying potential acquirers or acquisitions targets. 

Providing guidance on business valuations, through to managing the due diligence process, structuring the transaction and negotiating the deal through to a successful conclusion.


Act Now – it is never too early to be “sale ready”.

You can’t wait for the “ideal moment” because it is like trying to find the end of the rainbow, you’ll never get there.

Regardless of where you are in your company’s lifecycle today, stop and ask yourself “Am I sale ready?” The answer will invariably be Yes, No, Maybe or Don’t Know. If your answer is anything other than YES, don’t wait, take action and get your business ready for sale NOW.

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I've known Simon over the years having always had great respect for his multiple skills and abilities in providing personalised business advisory services.
I've had the pleasure to work with him at AgriFuels and experience his advice and guidance personally. Simon stands out as a highly knowledgeable, extremely diligent and multi- skilled professional and most importantly one that is focused on delivering a real tangible solution tailored to the client's needs. He has made a very significant contribution not just to the development of AgriFuels business and strategy, but also to the personal development of our team.

Brendon Ellett

Simon has assisted me with a number of business restructuring projects and currently continues as an independent director for the most recent business.
Simon has acute business analysis skills and can quickly create a precise and effective strategy that is outcome-driven. His formal training and, to an extent, his professional persona gives clarity and confidence. Although a cogent 'numbers man' by background, Simon understands entrepreneurship, thinks outside of the box and has the rare ability to balance the natural tensions between the various business departments. I highly recommend Simon and value his professional integrity, ability to guide me through tricky negotiations and his pragmatism.

Calvin Rowley

In the early parts of 2011 Simon approached Talent2 to represent a potential acquisition for our executive recruitment business in Queensland. It was clear Simon had researched not only our business very well but also his client and as such proved to make a very accurate assessment of the suitability of the businesses joining forces. Over a period of 4 months Talent2 had extensive dealings with Simon and found him to be extremely fair and neutral in all negotiations, this was a refreshing change to other acquisitions that have been made with other parties. Simon was extremely detailed and knowledgeable in the process and communicated effectively at all times. Simon showed he was interested in more than just a business transaction and that he truly cared for the best outcome for both Talent2 and his client. In July 2011 the transaction was completed and a very successful outcome was achieved for both parties. Simon has continued to follow up post acquisition which truly demonstrates his desire to achieve a great result. I would highly recommend Simon for any future M&A activity and firmly believe he offers the right skills and ethics with a very personal touch.

Craig Sneesby

Simon has been business advisor and company secretary to my company, the Australian Institute for Clinical Education, for several years, and has provided invaluable advice and direction. He is a remarkably organised individual with a strong focus on overall strategy, whilst still consistently contributing effectively to the development of tactical direction, and also managing to retain an accurate grasp of detail. It seems somewhat unfair that he can perform at this level whilst still managing to be a thoroughly pleasant, positive and encouraging colleague and friend; I would have no hesitation in recommending and endorsing him.

Paul Middleton

I have worked with Simon across several commercial ventures and when the time came to start my own, there was no hesitation in asking him to become involved. Simon’s value as a business advisor is invaluable. His clarity of thought, focus on strategic direction and analytical thinking are the essential attributes that most start-up companies so vitally require. I have been in numerous situations where Simon’s calmness in a tense situation has been the reason for securing an outcome. It is a bonus for me that he is so experienced in a healthcare sector as well. On a personal level, I count Simon as a friend who has not only shared the load in difficult times but one who has genuinely celebrated the wins. The best recommendation I can give is that I have referred Simon to several of my friends to provide the same business services and would have no hesitation in doing so again.

Pramodh Nathaniel




Simon Clatworthy

Simon has over 30 years in financial management, corporate financial services having worked for merchant banks, high net worth individuals and as an independent corporate advisory. Simon has advised on numerous M&A transaction on both the sell and buy side as well as facilitated successful mergers. Over the last 15 years, Simon has focussed solely on privately owned businesses, working with owners and executive teams, in getting businesses ready for sale and if required assisting in the sale process.

Prior to founding Corvara Capital Consulting, Simon held senior management and advisory positions including Investment Executive for Cullen Investments in Australia and New Zealand which involved assisting in the management of merger and acquisition activities as well as providing directorship and corporate advisory services. Simon has also held roles in Flowers Financial Group, Bancorp Merchant Bank, Sibson & Co, Gates Opticians, Telecom New Zealand and NZI Bank.

Simon has an MBA and Bachelor of Commence Degree both from Auckland University and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.  Simon is also a register Business Agent under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 with license number 1510003.

Simon is an avid runner and keeps fit for “life” and has a passion for wine and travel.


Master of Business Administration
(University of Auckland)

Bachelor of Commerce
(University of Auckland)

Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

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